Community guardians scheme

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Due to the Stewartry’s rural location and it’s current limited emergency response capabilities, with regards to emergency ambulance services, it was identified that a public access defibrillator project would greatly increase the availability of specialist medical equipment.

With the help of various voluntary and community groups, retail outlets, licensed premises and sporting venues support for the project was gained resulting in funds being raised and in some cases matched by the forum, for the purchase and installation of public access defibrillators at various locations throughout the Stewartry. 


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The aim of the project, is to provide public access defibrillators to 90% of Stewartry residents within 8 minutes.

Every minute delayed in dealing with cardiac arrest reduced the survival rates by 10%, so rapid access is vitally important.

Arrangements are currently in hand to map the current locations of all the defibrillators within the Stewartry as well as providing details of designated contacts for each defibrillator unit.



Robin Hogg, the Community Services Convenor for the Rotary Club of Castle Douglas, hands over the Debrillator to Colin Wilson of Castle Douglas Post Office who will have the defibrilator available for use in an emergency, on Colin’s left is Iain Howie from the Stewartry Community Safety Forum.


The project has been applauded by The Rt. Hon. Alex Fegusson MSP who has been updated with the progress to date as mentioned on his website. (click link below for details).


Locations of Defibrillators (updated as of 05/02/17)