public access defibrillators

Due to the Stewartry’s rural location and it’s current limited emergency response capabilities, with regards to emergency ambulance services, it was identified that a public access defibrillator project would greatly increase the availability of specialist medical equipment.

With the help of various voluntary and community groups, retail outlets, licensed premises and sporting venues support for the project was gained resulting in funds being raised and in some cases matched by the forum, for the purchase and installation of public access defibrillators at various locations throughout the Stewartry and wider region.



The forum is currently involved in two projects.

The Public Access Defribrillabtor Scheme and the Community Guardians Scheme.

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In the past the forum has delivered a number of projects aimed at enhancing community safety to the residents and visitors of the Stewartry area.

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About Us

The Stewartry Community Safety Forum was established in February 1997, and replaced the existing Stewartry Crime Prevention Panel.

The organisations purpose is to promote all aspects of safety and crime prevention to all those who live, work or visit the Stewartry Area of Dumfries and Galloway.

Membership of the Forum is open to all who share these and all appropriate statutory organisations such as the Police, Fire Service, NHS and Dumfries and Galloway Council have representatives on same.

Over the years the Forum has gained an enviable reputation for both the development and delivery of innovative projects which have won national awards for the manner in which it has improved the safety of local residents.